H1 Easy Trade Bars with Exits

H1 Easy Trading Bars with Exits


This is a very profitable trading system equipped with alerts


When the bars turn blue: --go long and exit on red dot or bar color change


When the bars turn red: --go short and exit on blue dot or bar color change


Works on all pairs and time frames, optimized for H1-- 

Will alert on candlestick color change-- sound, email, push notification. And alert when exit dot appears-- sound, email, push notification. Non repaint after candle close!!



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Expert Advisor for   $175

Indicators and Alerts   $125 

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Just the Indicators and Alerts for $25 per month!

Live Signals Copied to your account for $35 per month! 






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 Or, If you are undecided, bookmark the live statistics page, and check with it often to see current and historical performance and then make up your mind.

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Happy Trading!